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We connect the world’s ambitious manufacturing companies with the world’s best robotics and automation companies with confidence.

We are building the web's leading free resource for robotics and automation solutions assistance. We help people like you to make smart decisions and connect you to insights, practitioners, and robotics and automation vendors and service providers to help you deliver high performing manufacturing.

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We get paid by robotics and automation vendors and service providers because we help connect them to people who are embarking on their manufacturing modernisation and transformation journey.

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We aim to connect you with the best who can serve your tailored needs.

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Our relentless commitment for real buyers to get real value is validated through a rigorous vetting and continuous review process.

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Nick Gonios
Founder, robots.today

In a fast moving and evolving world of robotics and automation, selecting the right vendors and service providers can be a mammoth task and challenge potentially costing your company on many fronts.

We are continuously vetting and growing our base of robotics and automation vendors and service providers in order to stay current with what’s new in the market, trends, and operational best practices.

At robots.today, we’re on a mission to bring clarity, transparency, and confidence to the robots and automation decision making process for manufacturing executives.